New Preprint

New preprint by Adil is available at arXiv!

Classical phase boundary location with information-theoretic entropy in tensor renormalization group flows

Authors: Adil A. Gangat, Ying-Jer Kao

Abstract: We present a simple and efficient tensor network method to accurately locate phase boundaries of two-dimensional classical lattice models. The method utilizes only the information-theoretic (von Neumann) entropy of quantities that automatically arise along tensor renormalization group [Phys. Rev. Lett. 12, 120601 (2007)] flows of partition functions. We benchmark the method against theoretically known results for the square-lattice q-state Potts models and Monte Carlo results for the frustrated square lattice \(J_1−J_2\) Ising model. We find good agreement in all cases, which includes first-order, weakly first-order, and continuous phase transitions, with much less computational cost than Monte Carlo methods.